The Flying Toads Gig Schedule

The Flying Toads - Erik, Val, Keith and Brian

The Flying Toads are delighted to announce the release of their new CD, 'Warts 'n All'

"This quartet sparkle with the energy of an early Planxty" - Pete Fyfe (Folking and Maverick Magazine)

"Traditional Celtic music at its best!" - Catherine L.Tully (Celtic Music Magazine)

The Flying Toads are a multi-instrumental band playing inventive arrangements of Celtic music.

Their extensive repertoire ranges from lively jigs and reels to high-energy songs and haunting ballads.

With their range of instruments they can provide the music for a wide range of occasions.

The Flying Toads are available for festivals, ceilidhs/barn dances, pubs/clubs, concerts, weddings, parties, etc - in fact any occasion where good Celtic music is required.

Buy our new CD 'Warts 'n All' for just £10.50 UK (inc post and packing). 


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